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Carolyn Jayne (Deib3rt) St. Onge

- 1994 Millenial 


- Graduate of Hallmark Institute of Photography

Hi there! The names Carolyn, but I will also respond to Carol, Carl or Carol Jayne, but please not Caroline

I started my photography business in 2014, I was just 20 years old. The first wedding I ever attended was also the first wedding I ever photographed. Since then I have photographed at least 100 weddings and countless families. When I am not working I can be found at my pool or driving around one of my Volkswagens. I will find any excuse to talk about my cat Tori and post way too many photos of her online. My husbands name is Dylan and when he's not fixing one of my VW he can be found in his fish room with one of his 200+ gallon salt water tanks. If you ever needed to know anything about coral he's your guy.

I am very laid back and patient, which I think you have to be, when you work with kids (especially newborns), large families and pets. I pride myself on making your photo session experience as easy and stress free as possible.


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