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Take a step back in time once you've entered the hall to my studio, here you'll find 112 year old original floors, that run all the way inside. Original wavy glass windows, that in the afternoon let in the most beautiful golden light and exposed brick. Once inside the studio you're greeted by the warm glow of Edison bulbs, which are my favorite. In the studio take a look around and try to find writing in the brick from when it was a shoe mill and spots on the floor where someone once stood at a machine all day and left lasting impressions forever.

Directions once inside

-Park on the corner of Lake and Ash Street

Across from the bright yellow store

-Go in door A on that corner of the mill

-Go up the stairs to the third floor

-through the big red door, go straight

-turn right into the double doors 

- Middle door in the hallway

*(if you need an elevator

there is one located through the first floor door 

then to the left. exit left on the third floor)*

Call if lost 603 897 9972

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